Training and travel: Get workouts in on the go

Plan ahead but stay flexible
July 11, 2019

Most American’s travel more in the summer months, and our area is a great example of that.  Our little beach towns swell to staggering numbers. The weather is great, kids are out of school, and you can always find a reason to spend some quality time at the beach.  Some days it feels like it’s a government science experiment to see how many people can fit into a small space. 

For those of us who travel it may seem difficult to get in a daily exercise routine.  Here are a few ideas that may help you get those workouts in while you are away.

Do Research: Do a little research on the town you will be in. Are there gyms, running trails, pools, group training classes, or even a local race the weekend you will be in town?  It is easy to get online and find out what resources are available during your stay. You may even find something you have never tried before, like renting a stand up paddleboard or kayak.  

Get up early and explore: My favorite thing to do when I travel is to get up early and run or ride my bike around the area.  You have the town to yourself, traffic is low and not too many people are out and about yet. I’m able to take in all the sights and get my bearings on where things are that I may want to explore in more detail later in the day.  An early morning workout also eliminates the pressure of getting your workout in once your day starts. Get your workout out of the way early, and you have the whole day to do what you want to do.  

Keep it easy: When traveling, it may be difficult to have all the same equipment you normally use when training.  It is easy to bail on a workout if you have an excuses not to do it. Try to incorporate workouts that require minimal equipment – just running shoes or only body weight workouts eliminate the need for complicated equipment that may derail a workout while on the road. 

Pack light: If you don’t run and there are no gyms in the area, you can pack resistance bands or other exercise equipment that are easy to travel with for an added work load.  Packing something that is meant for workout will help you stay motivated and will eliminate the excuses for not being able to get a workout in. If you have what you need you can get it in anytime.

Set a time: If you are a planner or if you have a hard time motivating yourself to get a workout in, then schedule it in your day.  Just like an appointment; have an hour time slot that you block out in the day for yourself to workout and put it in your phone  If you know that time slot is yours, it is easier to get away and get a workout in.

Be flexible: You can plan everything perfectly, and things can go wrong: airlines lose your luggage, work plans change, kids get sick; this list could go on forever.  Do your best to be flexible with your training. Getting something in is better than nothing, so if something pops up that causes you to skip a workout, do your best to be flexible and figure out a way to get something else in. 


By: Personal Trainer/Coach: Kevin Danahy (TriCoach)


Coach Danahy 


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