Tree pruning to take place in Lewes July 21-24

July 20, 2020

The City of Lewes has contracted with Bartlett Tree Experts to prune city street trees Tuesday, July 21 to Friday, July 24.

Trees will be pruned for height clearance of a minimum of 13-feet-6-inches for vehicles, overhead sidewalk clearance of a minimum of 8 feet for pedestrians, and a minimum of 5 feet clearance away from houses along West and East Fourth Street, Savannah Road, Washington Avenue and DeVries Circle. These trees are located between the sidewalk and curb, and have a brass number tag on their trunk. In order for the work to be performed safely, the city will need to block all parking under and around the trees along these roadways.

The city requests the cooperation and patience of the public to clear the area around the trees so this work can be done in a safe and speedy way.

The arborists do not need to come in contact with any member of the public in order to remove any trees or do any pruning required. They will clean any tree debris from the areas after the work is completed.

To see an online inventory of city street trees, go to and click on the link for ArborScope. 

DeVries Circle median trees and alleyway will be pruned Tuesday, July 21. Some trees in the alley hang over and hit the trash truck and city employees riding on the back while collecting trash and recycling.

Wednesday and Thursday, July 22 and 23, work will focus on all cherry trees and large trees along East Fourth Street to West Fourth Street between New Road and Kings Highway. Also included will be all street trees along Savannah Road between Beebe Avenue and Second Street.

All trees along Washington Avenue will be pruned Friday, July 24.

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