Trophies are the space junk of the digital age

November 9, 2021

Land of lost trophies - Trophies are the space junk of the digital age. Cape has 52 years’ worth of trophies. Many are won, yet few are displayed. There is just no dedicated space. It would take a few barns and airplane hangars to display them all. Cape hockey was presented with the Henlopen Conference Northern Division trophy after Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Delmar. The trophy will next appear on the counter at the high school main office, then disappear like an Argentine dissident from the ’70s. I suggest a digital trophy case using touchscreen monitors bolted onto the wall leading into the gym. Lots of sports history is already lost. State championship signs and banners are nice, but they only tell you the year a certain sport won a state championship. Where are the stories and the people? Gone to the Island of Lost Legends.  

Kool and the Gang - I’ve been on the sidelines for so many Cape championship celebrations that when the other team wins, I make sure to wade in and congratulate the coaches and team and a few players individually if I know them. But I ain’t some groupie with a camera chasing down the memories of others. I am too cool to be part of that gang, but I’ll do it if pressed into action. 

I see you - Madi Mastriana and Cadence McMahon were pulled up from JV for postseason practice, but they are not on the official roster (their names are not announced before the game) and after the Delmar game Saturday when medals were awarded, they received no Northern Division medals. I told them, "I see you girls. Just wanted you to know." They smiled, and said, "Thanks, and everything is alright." Great girls with great smiles who will be major players in the program next season. 

The Inclusion Kid in the House - Grandson Davey aka The Inclusion Kid was at the National Wrestling Duals in Ocean City on Friday. The culture of wrestling embraces Davey like no other sport; not just his home team, but all teams. Saturday at the hockey game, I heard him from the stands, “Hey Fred!” I turned around and told the front row of Wildcat fans, “You should be honored if the Inclusion Kid chooses to sit with you.” I didn't say, “He’s my grandson,” because it was not relevant. The game started and Davey was right with them and very loud, “Yea, Delmar!” But Davey with Downs is a double agent and his cheers were taking a subtle turn; he has a way of getting inside someone’s head long before they realize what is happening. He left that perch and found his grandma Susan in the Cape fan section. “Hey, what’s up, Sue?” 

Snippets - Practices for winter sports began Monday, Nov. 8. If you’re playing on a fall team that’s in the tournament, let the winter coaches know, or if you're on a fall tournament team but not (seeing the field), then make your own call. I remember when heavyweight wrestling was unlimited. When did that become the 285 weight class? It should go back to unlimited. Not sure who has the advantage, and there is no riding time in high school wrestling. The Raiders of Shippensburg University field hockey team defeated West Chester 3-1 in the PSAC championship game to complete the regular season 18-0, ranked No. 1 in the country for Division II. The NCAA quarterfinals are Saturday, Nov. 13. Jody Boyer (Cape), Mya Kemp (Delmar) and Caitlyn Wink (Delmar) are on the Raiders’ roster. Cami Smith of West Chester had an assist in the championship game. Corey Messick (Milford), a freshman wrestling at 133 for Division III Roanoke College, got his first collegiate win and pin Nov. 7 at the Southeast Hokie Open. Finbar Rishko (Cape), a 157-pounder, is a sophomore on the Washington and Lee wrestling team. Jake Mundok (Sussex Academy) is a sophomore cross country runner at SUNY Maritime College. Jake is third man of seven on his collegiate team that just placed second at the Skyline Conference Championships and ECAC. The Privateers followed that with a second-place finish at the ECAC Championships at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome. Jake ran 30:03 for the 8K distance. Dozens of celebrities ran the New York City Marathon, including Abby Wambach (3:44:25), Willie Geist (3:58:23), Chelsea Clinton (3:59:09) and Tiki Barber (4:47:49). I read a book in 2008 called “The Uneven Playing Field” by Michael Sokolov. It's about sports injuries in young women, particularly ACLs and ankles. Read it in between games at the next travel tournament. Go on now, git! 


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