Vaccination status feature added to Bayhealth patient portals

MyChart QR scan useful in travel and work settings
January 25, 2022

As it becomes more common to present COVID-19 vaccination records to employers, or in order to enter certain facilities, Bayhealth has added a new feature to its MyChart online portal to aid community members. Patients can now access their COVID-19 vaccination status, along with test results, in MyChart by simply showing a QR code to be scanned. This feature is especially useful in travel and work environments.

In order for patients to access their COVID-19 vaccination status or test results, they must first go to to create an account. Then the MyChart app can be downloaded. The app is currently available to iOS and Android users.

There is a COVID-19 status section in MyChart that includes vaccination details. If a patient did not receive the vaccine at a Bayhealth facility, there is a search function that can check state registries to find their COVID-19 vaccination site.

COVID-19 test results will automatically upload to MyChart once processed by the ordering physician.

While not all venues, airports and companies will be able to read the data from the QR codes, those that use a Smart Health Card Verifier will have that capability.

Vaccination information can also be exported from MyChart into a person’s Apple Health Wallet. This feature is especially nice for families as they can keep all vaccination cards electronically in one place for easy access.


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