Vincent-Hass engagement announced

December 31, 2019

Brandon Hass decided to make the Christmas tree near the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk the location for what he said is the best decision he ever has made – to ask his girlfriend Katelyn Vincent to spend the rest of her life with him.

Her twin sister Kristen Vincent, and parents Kenny and Cindy Vincent, helped to make the surprise happen, with them there to share the memory.

Katelyn grew up in Dewey Beach and has always loved every part connected to Rehoboth as well as Lewes. The couple first met while she was completing her dental residency at Upstate Hospital in Hass’s hometown of Syracuse, N.Y.

“From that first moment of meeting, we felt a click like none before, and I knew she was the one,” said Hass. “I just recently moved here at the end of November because I was more than ready to spend the rest of my life with her. Little did she know I had the ring ready and was waiting patiently for the right day to ask.”

Hass is pursuing a career in the real estate industry while Katelyn has joined the team at Maplewood Dental Associates. The couple is having a house built in the new Saddle Ridge community off Route 24 in Lewes.

Hass said, “This will be the perfect home to start a family. Delaware is locked into her heart and has been brought to mine, and I look forward to the bright future with this pretty lady by my side forever.”


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