Volunteers donate 500 masks to Cape students

Prints, florals, sports-themed face coverings fit children from Pre-K to high school
September 13, 2020

Cape district children in need of masks will have a variety of patterns and sizes to choose from, thanks to a Sept. 9 delivery from the Volunteer Delaware Face Mask Project.

The project began in March, when there was a shortage of face masks for healthcare workers. After seeing a story about a similar group in Georgia, Jan Semmel suggested the Volunteer Delaware 50+ Lower Delaware Duffel Bag project tap its volunteers to sew face masks in Sussex County. 

After the project’s 92 volunteers made over 7,000 masks for health care workers at Beebe and Nanticoke Hospitals, Sussex County EMS, group and nursing homes, and other essential workers, the group turned toward sewing face masks for school children. 

Cape Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent Kristi Marsh said 500 masks were donated in many different sizes to fit students from Pre-K through high school.  

“We will be dividing the smaller ones between our five elementary schools, then the larger ones between our two middle schools, the high school and Sussex Consortium,” Marsh said. “We will also be sending some of the smaller ones to our preschool program, Little Vikings.”

Cape Assistant Superintendent Jenny Nauman said the masks will be helpful as backups for students.

“We are so grateful for our talented and generous community,” Nauman said. “These masks are very much appreciated.” 

The project was sponsored by Sussex County’s Volunteer Delaware 50+ Advisory Council Inc. and donations from individuals. 

Anyone interested in participating in future Volunteer Delaware Face Mask or Duffel Bag Projects should call Bobbi Jo Tice at 302-515-3024.

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