Vote for Paul Kuhns Aug 8

July 31, 2020

Vote for whomever is the best candidate, but don’t vote based upon what you have read on Nextdoor or via email blasts.  Vote based upon what you have seen from Paul Kuhns during the past three years.  His record shows that he is not for unreasonable development; he is not in favor of inside deals; and he is not many other things that some Stan Mills supporters claim he is. He has given us good plans for economic and social recovery from the pandemic, and development and adoption of the planning commission’s Comprehensive Development Plan. Paul Kuhns has given us three years of excellent financial management.  And he has accomplished all of this in a thoroughly professional manner - something often in short supply nowadays. 

Stan Mills has no program to help Rehoboth Beach homeowners and small business owners recover from COVID-19, and he has been unwilling to make even minor decisions to move the town forward.

It is not even close.  I am voting for Paul Kuhns!

Bonnie Shelton Mann
Rehoboth Beach

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