A vote for Williams is a vote for change

April 29, 2022

Sometimes it’s the little things that reveal the most. Election campaigns in Lewes are predictably quaint and gloriously short-lived. The entire cycle lasts around a month. No banners, no loudspeakers, no TV ads. Small, discreet signs go up in our neighborhoods in front of homes and then disappear a day or so after the election. It’s been that way for years. 

This year, the city manager is cracking down on the locations of campaign signs, patrolling our neighborhoods and directing that those placed in the city setbacks be moved. Keep in mind that the city doesn’t interfere with Realtor, rental, builder or service signs, all of which seem to stay up forever. No one was asked to move campaign signs in the past.  

Why the difference? We’ll never know for sure, but we do know this year the mayor, Ted Becker, is running for re-election and, unlike the past, he has two challengers.

Our city has serious and expensive problems – runaway development, raw sewage threatening our water, disappearing beaches, inconsistent treatment of residents and taxpayers, parking and puzzling legal positions, to name but a few. Does anyone really think campaign sign location, an issue that will disappear in a week or two, is important enough for the city staff to take notice and spend time on? 

I’m voting for Andrew Williams because we need a mayor who understands and is willing to prioritize and address the real problems that have challenged our community for over a decade. We need a change in our leadership.

This little thing is indicative of a much bigger problem in our city, as it’s being run by our current mayor. Please join me and vote for Andrew Williams – a vote for change.

Kath McGuiness


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