We need Mills’ experience in difficult time

July 24, 2020

Rehoboth has been a successful city because it is unique.  People come here because of its small-town charm, with tree-lined streets containing many restaurants and shops.  Its future success depends on its leaders recognizing and supporting this uniqueness. Stan Mills understands the special character of our city, and it will flourish under his leadership, which will benefit both residents and business owners.  Mayor Kuhns, on the other hand, has expressed an interest in changing the city’s zoning and building codes that would result in additional height and size of commercial buildings. This would not  be in the city’s interest, and would undermine the very essence of what distinguishes Rehoboth.

During his tenure, Mayor Kuhns has been criticized for his secret meetings and his Freedom of Information Act violations.  He tried unsuccessfully to take away the basic principle of our democracy, “one person, one vote,” by proposing that the city charter be revised to allow business entities such as LLCs to vote in city elections.  He was also unsuccessful in attempting to transfer the city’s sewer treatment plant to Sussex County, which would have given Sussex County complete control over the effluent that would be released into our nearby ocean waters.

We need a mayor who lives in the city full time, and will devote his energies solely to solving the city’s problems.  In these difficult times, we need a person with Stan Mills’ experience.  He is the right person for the job.

On a personal note, we have a particular interest in disability issues because our oldest son Eric was born with a number of significant learning disabilities.  Life was a constant challenge for him.  We have been very impressed with Stan’s interest in disability matters and his ongoing commitment to making Rehoboth compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Donald and Lynne Myers
Rehoboth Beach
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