Why I am running for Lewes City Council

March 6, 2020

Lewes is a special place with a unique history, beautiful natural environment and talented people, who also care deeply about their community. While Lewes has changed a great deal over my 44 years, it still maintains the character and charm which has drawn many of those who chose to make Lewes their home.

It faces significant challenges to maintain that environment and character in the future. I represent a new energy that will help Lewes evolve in a meaningful and manageable way, while maintaining the integrity of our town’s character in the upcoming decades.

My family roots in Lewes go three generations deep with a long-standing commitment to serving our special community. This started with my great-grandfather, Dr. James Beebe, who co-founded Beebe Hospital in 1916 with his brother, Dr. Richard Beebe. I was born and raised in Lewes, with fond memories of growing up on Lewes Beach during my younger years. After graduating from Cape Henlopen HIgh School in 1994, I attended Dickinson College for undergraduate and did continuing studies at Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Over my journey, my wife, Rita Karapurkar Williams, and I settled in New York City where I established my career working for a global market intelligence company, focusing in the healthcare and biotechnology sector. Collaboration is a key aspect of my role, working with our analysts, engineers and our client teams to ensure we are meeting their needs. The skills I have gained will help me to serve this community. 

Six years ago this spring, my wife, who is also from the Cape community, and I decided to relocate our young family back to Lewes to raise our children here. Our enduring love and connection to our town is the foundation for our vested interest in its future.

My commitment is to serve as a representative of the community and work positively toward the desires of the townspeople. I plan to leverage the intelligentsia of our community through the various existing committees and foster the relations between city council, its various boards and commissions, and other bodies such as Lewes BPW and Sussex County Council.

I will provide a fresh perspective on ways Lewes can continue to maintain the integrity and special character of present-day Lewes while responding to the growth that will come as others desire to make this their home. I understand there are key challenges that face our city such as development, infrastructure, environment as well as many others.  There are very few easy, inexpensive and immediate solutions to these issues. City leadership must study, listen, work and, at times, compromise to secure the future.

Like all of you, I am passionate about Lewes and care immensely for the environment, history, people, organizations and businesses that make up our city. I would be honored to provide local representation in City Hall, being a voice for the people of our community, and will advocate for Lewes – honoring its past, living in the present, and planning for the future. 

Please remember to register to vote by April 24 and to turn out May 9 for the election.

Andrew Williams
candidate for Lewes City Council


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