Worcester Prep teachers recognized as AP readers

November 23, 2020

With an average of 19 years of teaching experience, Worcester Preparatory School teachers are renowned for their dedication to academic excellence and guiding students to achieve their best.

One of the ways they exemplify this commitment is by serving as Advanced Placement readers who evaluate and score AP students' free responses on AP exams.

Recently, Worcester Prep science teacher Elliot Mitchell of Westover, Md., and AP English teacher Liz Nally of Ocean View were recognized by the College Board's Advanced Placement Program and Educational Testing Service for their significant contributions during the 2020 AP reading.  

Despite COVID-19 in June, Mitchell was one of 900 high school AP teachers and college faculty who came together to score 233,444 AP Biology exams. Nally was one of 2,382 high school AP teachers and college faculty who scored 535,478 AP English Language and Composition exams.

"The circumstances in which this work was completed were unprecedented, and Elliot Mitchell and Liz Nally helped ensure AP students could pursue college credit and placement opportunities even in the midst of school closures and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The careful evaluation of students’ work by WPS faculty members and other highly qualified professionals is one of the most important aspects of the AP Program," said Trevor Packer, College Board senior vice president of AP and instruction.

Mitchell and Nally agree that participating as an AP reader is an incredible experience both professionally and personally.

“Being an AP reader for the first time was an invaluable experience, and I would do it again if invited back. By scoring, I definitely gained a better understanding of the AP exam which allowed me to assess my own teaching methods and share that knowledge with my students back in the classroom,” said Nally.

Mitchell said, “The work brings me very close to the curriculum, including what the current trends are in student ability and insight into recent topics, and skills of the course. Reading gives me knowledge of test-taking tips for students on how to structure writing, and how to properly read the prompts presented. The professional network is amazing, and the participating teachers are top-notch educators and terrific resources.”

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