That you for saving my brother’s life

September 28, 2017

Thank you! Your organization, talents, training, knowledge, perseverance, professionalism and dedication have saved my brother's life.

Saturday, Sept. 16, he went to the beach like any other day and had a very unfortunate accident in the surf that resulted in his drowning. We have been in the surf all our lives, learning to swim in the intercostals in south Florida, winter surfing nor'easters off Jersey in the snow many times. To ever expect any issue with my brother in the water was never even a concern or a consideration.

He tells us how he was lying face down in the water unable to move any limb to flip himself over for air; knowing he was going to drown, finally blacking out. The response of your lifeguard and the recovery of his body from the water and the immediate resuscitation is the only reason we can hear this horrifying story.

He is doing well, fully cognitive with only minor trauma to his spine. I think the only impact to his life will be all the swimmies and safety gear we buy to torture him with from now on. This is all due to your presence and choice to be there to rescue.

Eric Porter
New Jersey


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