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November 11, 2020

Ya-Jhu just placed an online order. This is no shock, as Yaj—along with her mother-in-law– LOVES to shop on the internet. This order, however, was for a case of copy paper for our household’s favorite author: Aiden Jacob Seyfried. Aiden whips through the writing and illustrating process at the rate of 2-3 finished volumes per day (Mama staples multiple sheets of paper together for the books.) The way we’re going, the case will be finished up in no time, and we are thrilled.

Aiden’s main characters are a duck, a skeleton, and a guy named Ted. Mo Willems is Aiden’s literary hero, so the Pigeon frequently appears in the pages as well. We follow their adventures with bated breath, in A Very Ghosty Halloween, Ted in Taiwan, Duck Finds Friends, etc. It’s easy to figure out the inspiration of some of these tomes, but sometimes there’s a stumper. Recently he wrote Ted and the Deed Secret. Deed Secret? Turns out he’d noticed on our bookshelf a copy of Wilkie Collins’ classic The Dead Secret, and slightly mis-read the title. Honestly? I’ll take The Deed Secret any day, if only for the accompanying drawings. And speaking of, I recently reminded Aiden that his Nana was a published author too, and proudly showed him my four books. Aiden looked through one, then handed it back, shaking his head regretfully, “No pictures!” Deflated, I had to agree that my output was definitely sub-par.

Like all good writers, Aiden possesses a great imagination—but he’s also keenly observant of his surroundings, including every detail. This was borne out the other day when I was reading his exciting new book Driving. When I turned to the back cover, I saw that he had drawn pictures of 14 (!) of his previous books. He added this “Also by Aiden” feature after noticing the back covers of many other books.

Not to be outdone, four year old Peter is getting into the act. Peter’s masterpieces are wordless, and his drawings are mostly scribbles, at the moment. But he is so delighted with himself to be “writing books” just like his sibling. There are times when Steve is in his office polishing a script for Family Stages, I am penning a new essay in my office, and the Brothers Seyfried are creating stories at the dining room table, all at once. It feels like a harmonious writer’s retreat house! Until one writer has a fit when his magic marker dries up. (No, not Steve.)

What will the future hold for our young authors? Maybe they’ll keep at it professionally, like Nana and Pa. Maybe writing will become an enjoyable side pursuit, as it is for Evan and Rose. Whatever they end up doing, my little guys are experiencing the joy of creating something brand new, something they can share. And I believe that special kind of joy will stay with them forever.

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