May 20, 2019


Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, June 30, 1891: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware:  A seaside resort. Excellent fishing and unsurpassed advantages await you. Rehoboth Beach location is used for the reason that Uncle Sam has not yet been made familiar with An Act by the last Delaware Legislature which changed the name of the charming resort by the sea to that of Cape Henlopen City. The post office is still using Rehoboth. The same Act of Legislature dissolved the charter of the Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association, which for years held sway there. The city is now run as are other well-regulated cities by its people. It is the hope that Cape Henlopen City will spring to the front and become one of the most popular resorts of the Atlantic Coast.

There are but few Baltimore area residents who now know that there is within a convenient and refreshing journey, a so delightful resort as Cape Henlopen City. It is true, however, that many have already made home life by the sea most pleasant and erected cottages where they dwell during the heated season most comfortable.

Surf bathing is equal to the best and the salt water offers other luxuries such as fish, terrapins, crabs and such, while the area farmers bring to the doors of the cottages and hotels and restaurants a bountiful supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. The well waters are tested by analysis and found to be pure.

Fishing from the surf is excellent as sea trout of large size are caught by hook and line as are rock, perch, and others in season. The Rehoboth Bay has fishing, sailing and many other water sports of the summer. The hotels have opened and are receiving guest as we speak. The Pennsylvania Railroad serves the beach at fair rates for the five-hour run from Baltimore.


Abstract: 30 June 1891 Baltimore Sun at Tuesday , 30 June 1891 Baltimore Sun.




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