Delaware Cape Region Book Club: thanks for recommendations

April 30, 2020

Thanks to Kay Carnahan for sending in two suggestions for my Delaware Cape Region book club.  Both sound good to me.  Thanks also to Mike Cerchio who sent me a note about my Layla blog which also includes a book he recommends. Thanks too to Tom Roth who also sent me a note about the Layla blog and a link to a live performance from the Live Aid concert in 1985.  The link is attached here so you can also tune into that.

I’ve just finished Two Years Before the Mast and am now working my way through the glossary of sailing terms in the back of the book.  It may not appeal to many, but I find the glossary fascinating.

I’ve also included at the top an image that nature gave me.  It reminds me of the old spin-art machines available on the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach about 50 years ago.  In this case though what you’re seeing is pollen being transported by rainfall toward a gutter drain.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m easily entertained!

Here’s Kay’s note:

“I wanted to recommend two good books, both Golden Age Mysteries. The first is "Brat Farrar" by Josephine Tey in 1949. Her writing is like none other, and Tey herself is a mystery. Not much is known about her, and Tey isn't her name. "Brat Farrar" is about inheritance, twins, secrets, conmen, and justice.
“Another favorite is "Footsteps in the Dark" by Georgette Heyer in 1932. Heyer wrote many Regency romances, but only a handful of mysteries, all of which are witty and superb puzzles. This is a classic about a mysterious house haunted by the figure of a monk and the young heirs to the home who are determined to understand what is really happening there.
“Both books take the reader to other times and places, and that, to me, is the mark of a book worth reading over and over - especially during these distressing times.
“My Little Free Library is a great source of new authors and forgotten classics - I cannot recommend it enough!
“Enjoy and stay well!”
From Mike Cerchio:
“Thanks for the great article and trip through musical past. Much needed on a dreary Thursday. Don’t know how deep your inquisitive music history is but a great book by Robbie Robertson of the Band called Testimony  is a great read of the early days of rock and roll and the greats involved in it.”
And here’s Tom Roth’s link to the live Layla performance:
If you have any reading recommendations you’d like me to pass on, please write to me at
PS - Trish recommended Ricky Gervais’s After Life series to me on Netflix.  It’s awesome.  About a small weekly newspaper in a British village and its unique cast of characters.  Imagine me liking that. Sweet, poignant, funny, sad, entertaining and short episodes so your commitment isn’t overwhelming. If you liked his version of The Office, I think you’ll like this too. Give it a few episodes and you’ll be hooked. Maybe. Trish also recommends Bad Education but that’s on HBO so I’ll have to wait until it migrates over to Netflix to watch.
Stay healthy and spread a little love around. 


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