Early bird gets the tour in Milton

October 2, 2018

Living in historic Milton is not just for the birds. Not only was I invited to be an artist at the Milton Garden Club’s fall tour, but, being that I live right down the street, I arrived early enough that Richard McFetridge, an owner of 534 Union St., gave me a tour of the gorgeous garden, styled by him and Brian King.

The vinca flowers overflowing in pots were the first to greet my camera. The second photo zooms back to show the serene side yard with the two flower pots on either side of the red doors. And yes, that blur is a cat that ran through my shot.

While trying to capture the glistening globs of raindrops on the white petals, my attention shifted to the cute clay birdhouses on the fence in the background. I was even more impressed when Richard told me he made them! He had several sprinkled throughout the garden.

The beautiful brickwork continued throughout the back yard and into a sitting area. They even still have the original outhouse, which was restored into an adorable tool shed.

And although I thought I’d had enough of rain last week, I probably could have listened to it hitting the pond for ages, if not for the rocking chair on the front porch that was calling my name.

Brian and Richard only participate in the garden tour every few years, so next time they open it up to curious strangers like myself - don’t miss it!

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