Hari’s Vegan Cooking Class

December 1, 2017

I was there and Chef Hari was terrific—full of energy, fun and great information! With a wave of his immersible blender and a shake of magical Xanthan gum, he whipped up his famous Vegan Caesar Dressing and wowed this standing-room-only crowd of vegans and vegan wannabes with tastings that included Caesar Salad, Vegan Lemon Alfredo and Chocolate Avocado Pudding topped with whipped AGUAFABA!  

Between mixings, stirrings, tastings and questions, he revealed his deepest culinary secrets for preparing mouthwatering and nourishing dishes from the finest ingredients—all in the service of eating well, being well and creating a kinder, gentler world.

We learned that anyone can bake without eggs by substituting 1 part chia or flax seeds to 2 parts water. 

Xanthan gum can be used to stabilize dressings, capture air for a vegan latte, replace gluten in pasta and baking recipes and replace oil in vinaigrettes.

Applesauce can be utilized in baking to replace a portion of egg, oil, or butter. 

Nutritional yeast flakes create a cheese-like flavor profile.

Chickpea flour can be scrambled into egg-like mash for omelets, quiche and French toast. 

Oh, and herbs and spices—fresh is best; toast spices, nuts and seeds to wake up flavor. 

Add salt to “define” and a little vinegar to bring it forward!

Hari left nothing to chance—all guests received printed recipes with Vegan Tips and Techniques and embossed pens from Grandpa MAC. And there was LOVE, lots to go around. Thank you, Hari, and thanks to your great team.

Hari Cameron is Chef and owner of a(MUSE) and Grandpa MAC restaurants in Rehoboth Beach and on Coastal Highway in Delaware.

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