Hummus on my Mind

October 3, 2018

Hummus is a classic condiment and chickpea spread from the Middle East. Although it’s often made with oil, we’ve discovered oil-free versions made with lemon and a variety of puréed beans and veggies. In this link we learned 5 different ways to make quick and easy hummus. Then in our #5 class in PLANT-BASED EATING FOR PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH, we sampled Dr. Neal Barnard’s Curried Chickpea Spread and the Esselstyn’s unique Sweet Potato Hummus—both delicious and so easy to make.

The 2 different kinds of Hummus we tried today were made from high carb beans and high carb sweet potatoes, so essential to human health and well-being. Contrary to current popular, but damaging, Paleo and KETO diets which are high animal protein, high animal fat and low carb, a PLANT-BASED diet relies on high carbohydrate whole plant sources for all nutrients. The health results are unparalleled according to leading medical doctors like Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Anthony Lim, medical director of the McDougall Program. I met Dr. Lim in 2015 at the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California, where we daily shared extraordinary Plant-Based meals. We talked about health, food, family and fun—all good reasons to eat our fruit and veggies, beans and whole grains. Here’s Dr. Lim telling WHY I QUIT PALEO KETOGENIC DIET & WENT PLANT-BASED - Dr. Lim


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