PlantPure Nation

October 18, 2018

Imagine a PlantPure nation--one where all food comes from plant instead of animal sources. Imagine the impact on human health--obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are rare, doctors write prescriptions to the Farmacy, healthcare costs plummet. 

Imagine an end to animal suffering on factory farms on land and sea. Imagine rain forests restored, pasture lands rejuvenated and water scarcity ended as supplies diverted for livestock are now irrigating fruit and vegetables.

Imagine the dramatic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the lifting of “Livestock’s Long Shadow” and fouled waterways running free and clear.

For the past 6 weeks our class on EATING FOR PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH has been attempting to imagine just such a scenario as we discover the resources available to guide us on this new path toward sustainable living. This week we turned to the documentary film PLANTPURE NATION (free on YouTube) which tells the story of the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process. Two extraordinary cookbooks have been published as a result of the efforts to promote plant-based nutrition to the public. We prepared a delicious recipe from PLANTPURE KITCHEN for Sweet Peanut Burgers with Spicy Peanut Sauce. Ours was perfect on a bed of steamed brown rice. I’ve included the easy recipes so readers can enjoy PlantPure goodness along with us.

  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

    A heart attack turned her life upside down at age 70.

    Now, with a Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, this retired clergywoman teaches free classes to community groups upon request.

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