FREE MALE HUSKY to good home. 6 yrs., handsome, 2 blue eyes, yard needed. Good with adults, (302) 727-5142, between 9PM - 10PM. (9d)

HOMES OR BARNS needed for community cats. All cats fixed w/shots, healthy, litter trained, looking for love & safety. (610) 636-8091. (8d)

PERSIAN CAT (2) & Tuxedo cat. Beautiful gray/white Persian Tuxedo cat, black/white. Family must stay together. Reason, moving. Fee applies, (302) 228-2197. (8d)

PORTABLE DOG KENNEL. 32” x 23” x 23”. Dogs up tp 50 lbs. Easy to carry and set up. New $39. (302) 236-0435. (9d)

PUREBRED LHASA APSO male with brown eyes. Older person preferred, no kids. Inside dog. Fee applies, (302) 228-2197. (8d)

WANTED: Male neutered cat, must be inside with shots. (302) 664-1791. (9d)