Miniature Christmas scenes to debut at Ellen Rice Gallery Dec. 8

December 6, 2018

Internationally collected local miniature artist Ann Cooper will introduce the 2018 collection of her one-of-a-kind Christmas and beach cottage lantern scenes from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 8. Each scene features a miniature Ellen Rice painting, and handmade local details in miniature.

Hot apple cider, cakes and other refreshments will be served. Early attendance is recommended for those wishing to purchase from the entire selection.

“These lantern scenes, created in 1:12 scale, tell stories with their details,” said Rice. “They are intricate, beautiful little worlds, like miniature dollhouses, that make you want to shrink down and sit by the flickering fireplaces and lit Christmas trees, or perhaps join a furry companion in a rocking chair. Beach memorabilia, all handmade by Ann from materials gathered on our shore, adds the special ambience to each scene.”

Cooper said, “I designed these lanterns to celebrate the beauty of Ellen’s art, peaceful moments of life on the shore and the traditions of the season I love so much.”

Attention to the smallest detail is the hallmark of the retired teacher’s lanterns, said Rice. “You have to spend time looking closely at the scenes to take in all of the extra touches, like hand painted rugs, hand finished and antiqued cabinets, bookcases and tables adorned with miniature china, books whose covers Ann has personalized, vases filled with flowers and baskets of tiny sea shells gathered by Ann, even tiny glass bottles containing local beach sand and puppies and kittens gathered by the fireside or rocking chair. There are special lighting features like easel lights over my framed paintings, chandeliers and candlesticks, lanterns and fireplaces that light with the flick of a tiny switch.”

Rice, a Delaware artist, has been painting the coastal region that’s been her home for more than 50 years, inspirational paintings and portraits since 1962. Her work can be found in private, government and corporate collections on four continents and in 14 countries.

The gallery is at 111 Atlantic Ave., Ocean View, 2.2 miles west of Bethany Beach and diagonally across from Lord Baltimore Elementary School in Coastal Plaza. Look for the red shutters and yellow butterfly benches and follow the yellow flower pots to the door.

For more information, call 302-539-3405 during regular hours or go to