Top prosecutor moves to private practice

Timing is right, says Chris Hutchison
February 4, 2019

As top prosecutor in Sussex County, Christopher Hutchison took on a tough recent case and won. Hutchison was lead prosecutor for the state in its case against a drug ringleader responsible for a 2014 double homicide.

In March 2018, the ringleader was sentenced to two life sentences. A few months later, Hutchison packed up 11 years of work with the prosecutor's office and headed to private practice.

Hutchison, a St. Mark's graduate who went on to earn bachelor's and law degrees at Widener University, said he learned a great deal prosecuting trials for the state. He spent the bulk of his career in the criminal division, starting with misdemeanor cases in the Court of Common Pleas and Family Court before moving up to felony-level drug cases.

“They are all unique in different aspects,” he said. “Some are downright terrible that you take home with you.”

In 2013, he oversaw the screening of felony arrests to determine whether a case should proceed in Superior Court. By 2016, he was promoted to supervisor of the felony trial unit, leading a team of eight prosecutors assigned to Superior Court cases.

During his time in court, Hutchison met defense attorney Michael Abram and the two developed a strong working relationship.

“We had a lot of cases together,” Hutchison said. “There's always been a mutual respect between us.”

As Abram's Georgetown private practice grew busier, Abram said he knew he wanted Hutchison on board.

“A client needs to be comfortable with their lawyer, and it's good to have someone to help,” he said.

In November, Hutchison took the leap and went into private practice with Abram. He lives in Milton with his wife and two children, so the commute to Georgetown is the same.

“The timing seemed right,” Hutchison said. “I'm at that stage that I needed a change.”

He still will handle criminal cases – such as driving under the influence and more serious offenses – but now he will be on the defense side.

Hutchison can be reached in The Law Office of Michael R. Abram, 115 South Bedford St., by calling 302-856-4944 or online at


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