Lanikai Wellness offers youngsters the benefits of yoga

May 7, 2019

Why has yoga for children been gaining momentum throughout the world?

Kids’ yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and classes are filling up quickly. Yoga has many known advantages for adults, but experts believe it is equally if not more beneficial for children. Youngsters naturally move their bodies into all the yoga poses and are less concerned about correct form. They want to have fun.

Flowing through the yoga poses using their breath and focus naturally helps children open up and get the mind-body advantages of yoga. This increases focus and decreases stress hormones, resulting in a happier, healthier child. For children, the social aspect of yoga is also important; during partner, group or family yoga, kids learn to cooperate and move as a team. They can physically see how their actions and behaviors affect others. Through movement, breath, and self-discipline, attitudes of calm and increased focus are often developed.

When practicing yoga, kids learn techniques for managing stress. Yoga promotes ideas of calm, peace and positivity, and improves kids’ ability to cooperate and communicate with others. Kids accept themselves and their imperfections, and yoga increases ability to focus and follow directions. Yoga fosters knowledge of self-discipline, awareness and confidence.

For more information about yoga classes for kids, go to, email or call 302-643-2364.


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