Dr. Uday Jani to discuss Microbiome & Gut Health May 8

Free public event at Lewes library
May 6, 2019

Dr. Uday Jani will offer a free presentation at 3 p.m., Wednesday, May 8, at Lewes Public Library, on the vital connection between brain health and microorganisms that are continually forming in the intestine. He will discuss The Inside View - Understanding How Microbiome & Gut Health Impacts Our Brain, and attendees can learn how incorporating a healthy and well-balanced diet may help them better handle stress, improve mood, and allay anxiety and depression.

A healthy microbiome, with a heavy population of beneficial bacteria, allows for optimal nutrient absorption, immune function and reduced risk of disease.

“The microbiome’s pivotal role in overall wellness, and particularly in brain health, continues to be a focus of ongoing research,” said Jani. “Virtually every system in the body is affected by the microbiome, making it essential to understand how we can naturally encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria.”

The microbiome, he explains, are the trillions of tiny organisms that live in humans’ skin, gums and gut. The brain and gut are connected in important ways. Gut bacteria sends signals to the brain, alerting it to changes in the endocrine and immune systems. Stress and negative emotions can affect the GI system in a number of ways, and worsen conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and food allergies and sensitivities. According to Harvard Health, new research is demonstrating that increased gut inflammation and changes in the gut microbiome can have profound effects throughout the body, contributing to fatigue, cardiovascular disease and depression.

“We have always intuitively sensed that connection between gut and brain,” said Jani, “when we use terms such as ‘gut instinct’ or ‘gut-wrenching feelings.’ As it turns out, those metaphors are grounded in real science.”

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Dr. Uday Jani is in private practice at Shore View Personal Care in Milton, where he blends the best of traditional, integrative and functional medicine. For more information, call 302-684-0990 or go to


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