Delmar goes catnip crazy on Ravens, winning 11-0

Sussex Tech’s Kayla Brady records 24 saves
September 12, 2019

Delmar field hockey rolled onto the green Bermuda turf at Sussex Tech Tuesday afternoon like Halloween-orange candy corn. Playing and staying with the Wildcats is no treat; the trick is slowing down their relentless 60-minute assault on your defense and goalie. Delmar is catnip crazy and relentless for the full 60 minutes. Players all chilled behind those “banger” wraparound glasses; there is no blinking, and you have no idea what they’re thinking.

Sussex Tech goalie Kayla Brady is one of the best in the state; she ended up with 24 saves in the game yet yielded 11 goals. The Wildcats sent 35 shots on goal, while the Ravens had no shots.

Josie Hollamon scored at 20:49 remaining in the first half. Logan Walls scored with 11 seconds left in the game for the final 11-0 tally. 

The score at halftime was 4-0; the Wildcats had 17 shots on goal and goalie Brady had 13 saves. The Ravens defense was packing it in, but a loose orange ball on the green turf inside the circle produced a catnip crazy whack attack, and there was just no stopping the assault. 

Goal scorers for Delmar were Josie Hollamon 2, Maci Bradford 4, Ella Shockley 1, Mya Kemp 1, Logan Walls 2 and Lilly Waters 1.

Delmar will host Kent Island and South River at DE Turf  before hosting Cape Henlopen Tuesday, Sept. 24, in a matchup of last fall’s D2 and D1 state champions. 


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