A WAVE of Healthy Meals seeks monetary donations

March 18, 2020

A WAVE of Healthy Meals prepares and delivers free, healthy food to people diagnosed with cancer in Sussex County. Sadly, Executive Director Denise Vansant announced they have suspended meal delivery service effective March 14 until further notice.

“While heartbreaking, we must all adhere to the guidelines and requests of our state and federal government agencies during this public health crisis,” Vansant noted. “Some of our recipients live alone and are single moms. They must stay inside with the exception of their treatments due to a very compromised immune system. I am working with Amazon to order boxes of organic, shelf-stable foods to deliver to each of our recipients that will last for two weeks.”

Vansant plans to have the food delivered no later than Saturday, March 21. That way there will be no volunteer deliveries necessary, and the food will be delivered right to their doors.  

Vansant asks people to post this announcement on Facebook pages, and/or donate on the website, “With continued support, we will continue this service until we are back in the kitchen,” she added. 

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