Living Beebe values every day

March 31, 2020

In our team’s morning huddle March 16, my coworker Amy Popovich announced that she would be leaving the office early that day. Not to go shopping for supplies or to test her work-from-home capabilities, but to donate blood.

After inquiring, I learned that this was not an unusual event for Amy – she donates blood on a regular basis. I was moved by her definitive commitment to supporting her community in a very selfless way, and I wanted to celebrate her and the excellence in her action to care for people she will never even meet. I was even more impressed when she said she had recruited someone to go with her!

That Monday seems like a proverbial lifetime ago, as it feels like every part of our society has changed exponentially. This actually deepens my appreciation for Amy’s decision to donate blood at this time. It sets her apart in my mind and reconfirms her as a shining example of one of Beebe’s Values, “Act with passion and love for others to make a difference.”

“I donate blood because it saves lives. There is almost always a shortage of blood in the U.S., so I try to donate every 56 days. It’s a small thing for me that I hope goes a long way in helping someone else,” said Amy. “Blood donations are essential for trauma patients, patients undergoing surgeries, transplants, cancer, etc., so anything I can do to help, I’m glad to do.”

Amy’s giving does not end with her blood donations. She is also a member of Beebe Healthcare’s Giving Hands Society. This means that not only does Amy work for Beebe (at Beebe Medical Foundation), but she, like hundreds of our fellow Beebe teammates, also donates part of her salary back to support the hospital. Amy also donated to Beebe’s COVID-19 Relief Fund to support her fellow team members who are working on the front lines of this crisis.

Thank you, Amy, for all that you do every day to change and save lives at Beebe and in our community!

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of individuals, local businesses, corporations and private foundations. Please contact Beebe Medical Foundation to make a gift or to donate to Beebe’s COVID-19 Relief Fund; go to or call 302-644-2900.


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