Devil's Party Press captures 10 state association awards

April 14, 2020

Devil's Party Press of Milton received a total of 10 awards in the Delaware Press Association's 2020 Communication Contest.

The winning titles span the categories of original novel, short story, editing and book design.

In the category of original adult novel, Judith Speizer Crandell's “The Woman Puzzle” received first prize. Mark Alan Polo's “Mosquitoes and Men” received second place. Honorable Mention went to “Welcome to Breezewood” by David Sturm, awarded posthumously.

In the category of best short story, first place went to William F. Crandell's "The Last Lootenant Wins His F*ckin' Medal” from the anthology “What Sort of F*ckery Is This?” Third place was awarded to Dianne Pearce's "Mary Wu" from the anthology “Halloween Party 2019.” Honorable Mention went to Judith Speizer Crandell's "How the F*ck Are You?” from the anthology “What Sort of F*ckery Is This?”

In the category of best editing, first place went to “Halloween Party 2019” edited by Dianne Pearce and David Yurkovich.

In the category of best book design, second place went to “The Woman Puzzle.” Third place went to “Charlotte” and Honorable Mention went to “Welcome to Breezewood.” All books were designed by Pearce and Yurkovich.

"We strive to cultivate works with strong characterization and story development, and are delighted that so many of our authors' creations were recognized by the Delaware Press Association judges," said Devil’s Party Press publisher Dianne Pearce. Contributors include several Milton authors, among them Crandell, Polo and Speizer Crandell. For more information or to make a purchase, go to


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