Cape High students to take AP exams

College-level tests set for May, June
April 16, 2020

Whether or not schools reopen, Cape High Advanced Placement students will still be able to take exams in their chosen content areas in May or June.

AP classes are college-level courses taught by high school teachers that give participating students the opportunity to earn college credit. 

Cape High Assistant Principal Kyle Bentley said the College Board, which administers AP tests in dozens of content areas, surveyed about 18,000 AP students across the county, and 91 percent of students stated they wanted to take the exams.

Most exams will include online free-response questions for each course, and will cover topics covered in class by early March, Bentley said. Students will be able to take the open-book exams on any electronic device, including computers, iPads and smartphones.

Bentley said Cape will use Schoology to communicate exam updates to students through videos, messages and updates.

“The AP leadership team is meeting weekly through Zoom to discuss AP updates and develop strategies for supporting our students during these unprecedented times,” Bentley said.

Students are completing assignments in Schoology and participating in Zoom meetings and conferences and are practicing for tests through AP Classroom, Bentley said.

“AP Classroom is an online platform that provides resources and released exam items for all students,” Bentley said. “Our AP program and teachers have been using this tool since the beginning of the school year, so we are ahead of the curve with this resource to support our students.”

Students will be able to take exams between May 11-22 or June 1-5, Bentley said.

“Our AP students and teachers at Cape are amazing,” Bentley said. “We have been working very hard all year to prepare for the AP exams and will continue to support our students in every way possible.” 

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