Don’t Touch Electric bringing holiday cheer to those in need

Owner Doug Simpson helps families celebrate Christmas this year with fresh-cut tree, wreath
December 4, 2020

Looking to spread some Christmas cheer, Don’t Touch Electric owner Doug Simpson is soliciting nominations for people or families in need of a fresh tree or wreath.

Simpson announced the holiday cheer event a couple of weeks ago on the company’s Facebook page. This is intended to help people who cannot afford a tree or for those who do not have the resources to pick up a fresh-cut tree, he said in his post.

During an interview Dec. 1, Simpson said he got the idea to spread the cheer from his son. He explained that every now and then, if it’s just going to be him on a job site, he’ll bring his son to help. One afternoon, Simpson tried to give his son some money for working, but the young man declined, saying instead he would rather let someone have it who needs it.

Simpson said instead of money, his son thought of donating Christmas trees.

“It was a great idea, so we’re rolling with it,” said Simpson, who opened the Lewes-based electrician business with his wife Kristen a little more than a year ago.

The trees and wreaths are coming from Bryon Haupt’s Coastal Christmas Trees stand at Hudson Fields, off Route 1 outside Milton. He said Haupt was happy to help.

Simpson said if they receive more nominations than they’re prepared to accommodate, the people selected will be chosen at random through a lottery. He said delivery of the fresh trees will be done safely with proper social distancing policies.

“I’ve got clients with pickup trucks who said they are happy to help with donations,” said Simpson.

For more information or to submit a nomination to Don’t Touch Electric, call 302-765-7605, email or send a direct message to the Don’t Touch Electric Facebook page. Simpson said all nominations can be made anonymously. All they need is the name, address and contact information for the person who was nominated, he said.

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