Delaware needs a coordinated vaccine plan

February 22, 2021

I have a hard time believing that I am the only person who sees what is going on with respect to the COVID virus vaccine implementation. This is without a doubt the most messed-up medical implementation process that I have ever seen. There is literally no one running the process.

All of the vaccine providers have their own websites and sign- up formats. There are national pharmacies, local pharmacies, grocery store pharmacies, the state, the local health systems, etc. If you want a vaccine and qualify for a vaccine, you have the dysfunctional option of going on all of these websites and registering for a vaccine. Many people I know are registered on all of the websites. This means that each website has many duplicate registrants. I believe that people who are fortunate to get a vaccine remain on all of the websites that they registered on. To put it bluntly, this is a mess. It’s like a wheel with no spokes.

Would it not make infinitely more sense for there to be a coordinated effort where people go to a single website and register for the vaccine? Then when a vaccine becomes available at the multiple provider sites, the registrant is notified and they go to the site at the appointed time and get their vaccine. 

Since it is vitally important to get these shots in people’s arms, the most sensible approach to making this happen is a streamlined and coordinated effort that moves the whole process along quickly and smoothly. Also a process that is more user-friendly for those seeking a vaccine.

Before I retired I worked for a very large national company that had to coordinate its efforts in different states on a national level. Some of what was accomplished was (way) more complicated than vaccinating people in Delaware. To be successful it takes someone who is in charge, and a team that then coordinates the tasks and has the ability to analyze the challenges and adapt the approach. Essentially you have the equivalent of a CEO being supported by a senior management team. This is not happening here in Delaware. There is no apparent coordination, no one in charge and no implementation team.

I realize that we are all on uncharted ground here, and that the task of vaccinating a population is complex and challenging. I am also certain that I do not understand the complexities of this specific situation. I do believe that the current system is dysfunctional and desperately needs better organization in order to accomplish its vital mission. I do not think that I am the only one who sees how disorganized this vaccine rollout is. Perhaps someone who is a decision maker in the state and has the ability to wrap their arms around this process will read this and reset the process so that it is more functional.

Paul J. Casey
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