Christmas Décor in Nassau suggests budget-friendly tips

Local outdoor holiday lighting pros say focus and simplify for a glowing result
November 28, 2021

The holiday season is fast approaching, and Mike Gray of Christmas Decor by G.M.G. Inc. in Nassau, a franchise member of the Christmas Decor network, reminds home and business owners that it's time to finalize – or at least begin – their outdoor decorating planning.

"Christmas lights and décor are out in full display at stores everywhere, and it's wise to plan and buy early to ensure that you have the widest selection. Having a plan before you shop helps you focus on buying exactly what you need so you can bring your outdoor décor dreams to life without breaking the budget,” said Gray.

As an outdoor decorating pro, Gray offers some simple planning tips to help do-it-yourself holiday decorators get the most bang for their decorating buck:

• Focus. Take a good look at a home or business and identify the standout features: the windows, a door, a porch, some shrubs or a tree. Focus the decorating budget on items to highlight those areas: wreaths, garlands, greenery, lights.
• Fill in. If the budget and schedule allow, enhance the overall design with lights or hints of color in the landscape. The idea is to add subtle interest and depth without detracting from the  focal point.
• Simplify. Don't give in to décor fads. Simple, classic holiday displays always stand out, and are safer and more budget-friendly, too.

"Even property owners who have most of what they need on hand to create a warm and welcoming holiday glow can benefit from early planning," said Gray. "For an increasing number of home and business owners each year, that early planning means locking in their consultation and installation dates with our décor professionals earlier each year. There are still prime slots available, though, and a wide selection of affordable, professional-grade lighting and décor to make your home holiday vision a reality that fits your budget." 

For more information, contact Mike Gray of Christmas Decor by G.M.G. Inc. in Nassau at 302-645-9926 or, or go to

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