Bus drivers are essential and needed

January 21, 2022

Corner office. High up. Lots of windows. Everything at your fingertips. You can stop the world in its tracks and set it in motion again. Set schedule: No nights, weekends or holidays. Midday free for family care, appointments, hobbies, rest, etc. You're helping the environment and helping reduce traffic as your vehicle replaces 50 cars on the roadway. You get to start and end the day for so many people and be the reliable constant. Parents trust you with the most precious life they know. Your action and mood sets the tone for a hundred or more people a day. There's certainly a lot on the line. Other perks include: an elementary child excitedly showing off their new light-up sneakers, a middle schooler sharing their hard-earned grade, or a high schooler making eye contact and saying thanks and to have a good night. The paycheck is not for full-time work, but the supplemental income is there and bolstered by making a daily difference. Your job is important. Like most jobs, there are pros and cons. You have to get up early and be there day in and day out in almost any weather. You may have to de-escalate situations.

Children (and adults) have bad days. Construction jams up the flow, and drivers can be impatient. Each of those things are essentially what you make of it. One thing that never changes is that school bus drivers are critical to our community. If you're interested, join the ranks. You're not too old to learn. You don't need specific experience to get started. Paid training is available. Bus behavior isn't as wild as you may hear, and children nowadays are still children. Our local schools do great things to support bus drivers. Become a school bus driver: See and spread the joy, have the honor, and make a difference. Otherwise, wave to a bus driver today or find a way to thank one you know.

Darby Hudson
School Mule Inc.
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