Harris takes home Delaware Strongest Man title

Owner of Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club has seven wins
April 27, 2022

Will Harris, owner of Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club, won his seventh Delaware's Strongest Man title April 23.

In its 14th year, the Delaware's Strongest Man & Woman competition brought more than 70 contestants from across the country to test their strength in Rehoboth Beach. Athletes, ranging in age from 18 to over 60, pushed their limits in five events – circus dumbbell press, farmer’s deadlift and carry, Fingal’s Fingers flip, Husafell stone carry and Atlas stone load.

Competing against seven in the Men's Open 200-pound class, Harris won all five of the day's events and qualified to represent Delaware at the 2022 Strongman Corporation National Championship.

With seven contest wins over the past 10 years, Harris aims to motivate athletes of all ages to remain consistent and determined in the pursuit of their goals.

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