We’re Celebrating Warm Nights on the Mulligan’s Pointe Patio!

May 18, 2022

It happens every year; summer finally comes early, and always towards the end of May! Must be something about this time specifically that really summons those warm breezes. Well, there is no better place to spend your nights than on the Mulligan’s Pointe patio, and this week we’re bringing a ton of excitement with karaoke, many musical acts, and our delectable Sunday brunch. Come out and see what all the buzz is about!

Come be a star this Thursday night at Karaoke! Shermanater is back and bringing all your favorite tunes, from “Ain’t No Sunshine” to “Zombie” and everything in between. The drinks will be cold, the mic will be hot; it’ll be a perfect start to your weekend! Grab dinner and a song at Karaoke this Thursday night at The Pointe!

On Friday we have the return of this writer’s favorite Mulligan’s Pointe performer, Everett Spells! Mr. Spells is gonna rock the patio with his cool sax, and all the jazz, swing, and pop to get you on your feet and dancing! Enjoy our famous $25 prime rib, some of the ever-excellent steak frites, or any of the rest of our new for 2022 menu, and have a swinging good time with Everett Spells this Friday night! 

Saturdays mean happy hour, and happy hour means good music and good times. Rocking The Pointe for happy hour this Saturday is Marianne Styles, making her Mulligan’s Pointe debut! Marianne is a wonderful artist, and is bringing her songbook of rock, pop, and country classics to the patio! Enjoy a cold beer or delicious drink and hangout with Marianne Styles this Saturday!

Marianne isn’t the only musical act we’re celebrating, because we have the amazing Natalie Darke Band back for their first show with us in 2022! They’re going to keep the good vibes going with their blend of pop, country, and blues, helping us to celebrate the end of a beautiful Saturday! And with more prime rib, steak, and salmon than you can shake a stick at, we’re gearing up for an incredible Saturday evening! Enjoy the warm nights this weekend with the Natalie Darke Band, Saturday at The Pointe!

The weekend fun doesn’t stop with Saturday, because we have more dancing to do! Marion is back at The Pointe to teach another round of heart-pounding, knee-slapping line dancing! She is a truly wonderful instructor, so you won’t want to miss this. We have an introductory session from 1-2pm, and a social session from 2-4pm. Your ten dollar admission gets you in for the full three hours, so you can dance your heart out! Come early for some tasty brunch, or stay a bit late for an earlier dinner, and get your line dancing on with Marion and the Mulligan’s Pointe gang this Sunday! FOLLOW THE LINK to register today! 

What a week! And this was only just a taste of what’s to come this Summer! Keep an eye out for more updates, and stop in for a meal, a drink, some music, and some dancing at Mulligan’s Pointe!

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