Rehoboth’s One Virginia Avenue gets a new pool

Like a stork delivering a baby, prefabricated structure dropped into place with large crane
July 4, 2022

Story Location:
One Virginia Avenue
1 Virginia Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

Rehoboth beachgoers got an unexpected viewing experience the morning of June 24 – the lifting and then installation of a new pool at One Virginia Avenue.

Similar to other projects that require a heavy object to be lifted to the rooftop of a building, a crane was used for this move too. The pool was strapped to a trailer parked in the lot between the Village Improvement Association and the Pennsylvania Railroad House. The crane operator slowly lifted the pool from the trailer and then rotated it around toward One Virginia Avenue, which is a 105-unit condominium complex that sits on the Boardwalk. Facing the Boardwalk, on the ground level, are Rehoboth Toy & Kite and Atlantic Cycles.

Robert Ippoldo, president of the One Virginia Avenue homeowners association, said the $550,000 pool was custom made in North Carolina and is 35 feet long by 18 feet wide. Work on the pool began in December; it was supposed to be installed by May, but like everything else, there were delays, he said.

Ippoldo said the new pool is the size of the original one and replaces a fiberglass pool that was incorrectly installed 20 years ago. The old pool was floating in place and it had cracked, he said.

Ippoldo said the new pool is tiled in blue and has steps entering it.

“It’s a very nice pool,” he said.

Ippoldo said installation of the pool drew quite the crowd.

“There were more eyes on the pool being installed than there were on the beach,” he said.

The new pool is the cherry on top of a renovation project for the condominiums that’s spanned many years, said Ippoldo. From 2009 to 2013, he said, the building itself was renovated.


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