This jolly old elf has a rare gift – he signs

Santa and Mrs. Claus to greet children at Dec. 3 breakfast
November 30, 2022

Santa Jerry and Mrs. Claus will be the guests of honor at Breakfast with Santa at 9 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, at Epworth United Methodist Church north of Rehoboth Beach. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children. Seats are limited. To reserve a spot, call 302-227-7743, Ext. 111. Tickets will be purchased at the door via cash payment only.

Even without his Santa suit, children everywhere recognize Jerry as Santa Claus.

"It's normal to go to a grocery store and be approached by children, young and old, who want a picture with Santa," said Jerry. He gives them a coin that says “You've met Santa” and “You're on the nice list.”

"It warms their heart, and it warms mine to see those wonderful smiles," he said.

After his retirement, Jerry grew a beard that was Santa Claus-white. Given his appreciation for Santa Claus as a child, he decided to see if he could replicate that feeling for other children. Jerry and his wife, who portrays a lovely Mrs. Claus, have been professional character actors for four years. With his real beard, their tailor-made clothes and love for children, they are truly believable.

And there's more. Santa Jerry is fluent in American Sign Language. "When a deaf child sees that I can sign to them, most become very excited because it is rare that Santa can communicate with them," said Jerry. In a world that takes the ability to hear for granted, one can only imagine how excited a deaf child would be to converse with Santa.


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