Supporters of EV mandate missing the point

March 24, 2023

When it comes time for me to replace my newer-model Honda in about 10 years, I will take a serious look at purchasing an EV. I will evaluate the cost of the vehicle, the expected range of the battery in cold winter weather, the availability of charging stations, etc.

In other words, I will follow a process that most drivers in Delaware would do when choosing a new car. Having said that, the idea that the state government is planning to take away my freedom to make the very personal choice about what car I will drive is insulting and troubling, to say the least.

I have no doubt that EV technology and infrastructure will continue to improve over time, and I fully support and applaud those efforts. However, there is virtually zero chance that within 10 years, this technology will be at a point where buying a new gasoline or hybrid-gasoline vehicle could become illegal without serious consequences. The folks who point out scores of issues that would prevent such a gigantic change in car purchasing are not naysayers; they are realists who actually try to ascertain the facts. Just yesterday I read an article from Reuters that most EV vehicles that are involved in even minor collisions must be totaled, because the batteries cannot withstand even minor damage. The results: the projected cost of insuring an EV will probably be double or triple what the current costs are to insure a gasoline-powered vehicle. I could go on and on. On the other hand, do I hope that in 2035, a significant percentage of new vehicles purchased in the state of Delaware are EVs; I sure do.

One point I never see mentioned is that gasoline-powered car technology is constantly improving, both in lowered emissions and fuel economy. The net benefit to the environment cannot be understated.

Here is the consequential issue that voters and taxpayers in Delaware have to consider: Are we going to allow the governor of our state, along with a significant minority of left-wing activists, to take away the very personal choice of what kind of vehicle we will buy for ourselves, our families and our businesses, even though it is clear to anyone with any common sense that EV technology will not be ready in even 20 years to realistically allow the banning of new gasoline-powered vehicles completely?

And by the way, I have solar panels on my house that provide almost 100% of my electric power needs. I am an Independent Libertarian who quite frankly despises both political parties. So to all you leftists out there, don’t try to lecture me on how I must not care about our planet.

Robert Lloyd
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