Escaping the August heat and seeking crisp, fresh air in Greenland and Iceland

October 25, 2023

Mary and Charlie Dickson of Rehoboth Beach traveled to Greenland and Iceland, leaving behind the blistering summer heat. After a passage through icebergs in the Prins Christian Sund, they arrived in Qaqortoq (Ka-kor-tok), South Greenland (pop. 3,050). The small town on the shores of Lake Tasersuaq has a very walkable town center below impressive hills. Norse history, art and culture are offered at the local museum. Nearby hot springs offer the "aah" moment for the travel-worn. Kayaking, trekking, and hiking are popular in the glacier-created, hilly terrain. Friendly locals welcomed a view of a "flatlander" beach paper, the Cape Gazette.

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