The transformative power of giving days

December 5, 2023

As many already know, nonprofits are a critical part of Delaware’s economic infrastructure. Nonprofits are behind many of the most important programs serving our communities, such as those feeding hungry children when school is not in session; providing substance abuse treatment; supporting vulnerable individuals, families or populations like veterans, the homeless, the elderly or victims of domestic violence; or helping animals find their forever home. Such programs and the nonprofits behind them rely on the generosity of many individuals who give their time, talent and, importantly, their money.

Held annually the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday has become a global day that encourages people around the world to celebrate nonprofits. In addition to helping raise millions of dollars worldwide, Giving Tuesday shines a bright light on the impact that nonprofits have (often thanks to many individuals and volunteers behind the scenes). Giving Tuesday has also more broadly changed how people think about giving. Over the past 11 years of its existence, Giving Tuesday has helped make philanthropy more inclusive by highlighting the multiplying power that small donations from many individuals can have.

Here in Delaware, Giving Tuesday is a complementary counterpart to Delaware’s largest day of giving – Do More 24 Delaware, which takes place in early March. For 24 hours in 2024 - 6 p.m., Thursday, March 7, to 6 p.m., Friday, March 8 – this Delaware-focused giving day will unify the nonprofit sector and connect communities throughout the state with Delawareans and friends of Delawareans from around the world in celebration of our local nonprofits. Many of the 500-plus nonprofits expected to participate use what they raise through that event to help budget and increase their community impact throughout the year.

Days like Giving Tuesday and Do More 24 Delaware are important because they help foster a different mindset. They prompt people to think about others and support causes that matter to them. The sharing of nonprofits and community service through a giving day event like Do More 24 Delaware helps turn individual philanthropy into a shared experience, and it strengthens the bonds that individuals are building through their joint commitment to making a difference and spurring impact in their community.

The culture of philanthropy in Delaware is strong, and it needs to grow stronger for the next generation of leaders of our nonprofits, our businesses and our state. Supporting Delaware nonprofits through individual giving is a simple – and important – way to get started. There are hundreds of active nonprofits throughout the state looking for individuals to help lead and transform their missions into a more impactful reality. Find one (or two) you can support, and talk with them about other ways you can get involved. And if you can mark your calendars for the Do More 24 Delaware giving day event March 7-8, that would be great too!

Charlie Vincent is executive director of Spur Impact, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower emerging leaders to spur impact and transform communities through professional and organizational development. Spur Impact owns and manages Delaware Gives (, a 365-day online donation platform for Delaware nonprofits and their supporters to use. 
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