Delaware businesses to be honored for supporting military and veteran talent

February 11, 2024

The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Joint Military Affairs Committee announced this year’s Warrior Friendly Business Award winners are Courageous Hearts LLC and CSC.

They will be recognized at the annual State of the Guard Address private event to be held Friday, Feb. 23, in New Castle. 

Honored in the Under 50 Employees category, Courageous Hearts LLC consists of diverse team members dedicated to supporting the military community. The team includes several retired and active-duty military spouses, mothers, children, siblings, and veteran employees and interns, with ongoing efforts to enroll and interview new veterans. With locations in Lincoln, Townsend and Bridgeville,  Courageous Hearts also has a nonprofit arm, Compassionate Hearts, that allows military members and their families to receive care.

Specializing in equine-assisted therapy, Courageous Hearts integrates horses into sessions led by licensed mental health professionals and certified equine professionals. With three team members possessing military-specific training and certifications, equine-assisted psychotherapy offers an experiential model to aid in the transition from military service to civilian life, addressing anger management, moral grief, resiliency, communication and relationship skills. Courageous Hearts also actively participates in statewide events such as resource and job fairs, and is involved with organizations like Delaware Joining Forces and Governor's Challenge Committee. It also has a continually evolving partnership with Dover Air Force Base.

“The Courageous Hearts herd is very honored to accept the Warrior Friendly Business Award. Our work is guided by a team approach and a core belief that everyone has the innate ability to find their own answers. Our duty is to guide service members, much like reins guide a horse, to return with honor,” said Elena Fierro-Wise, military coordinator for Courageous Hearts. “Whether they are returning to military work, civilian life, navigating family transitions or finding their way back to themselves, our herd will be there. Our clients, co-workers, spouses, parents, siblings and children have all selflessly signed that dotted line. We continue to honor our military community by pridefully getting up each day and doing what we do. Thank you to our entire military family, known and unknown, here and gone."

Awarded in the Over 50 Employees category, Wilmington-headquartered CSC is world’s leading provider of global business administration and compliance solutions, specialized administration services to alternative asset managers across a range of fund strategies, transactions involving capital markets participants in both public and private markets, domain name system management and digital brand and fraud protection, and corporate tax software solutions.

Founded in 1899, CSC leadership takes pride that it has been privately held and professionally managed for more than 120 years. CSC has office locations and capabilities in more than 140 jurisdictions across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It is a global company capable of doing business wherever its clients are, and that is accomplished by employing experts in every business it serves.

“At CSC, we recognize that the experience and perspective that active service members, military veterans and their families bring are invaluable assets, fostering a culture of collaboration, respect and diversity. We're honored to be recognized with the 2024 Warrior Friendly Business Award,” said Shana Hilliard, diversity and belonging program leader at CSC. “We’re committed to creating an environment of belonging that not only acknowledges the sacrifices these individuals have made, but also provides support, resources and opportunities for their continued growth and success. I’d like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the military veterans within our organization. Thank you for your service and the lasting impact you have on the organization. Your unique skills, resilience and leadership qualities, honed through military service and experience, contribute greatly to the success of CSC.”

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