Willis is a new voice Milton needs

February 27, 2024

On Saturday, March 2, the people of Milton will be voting to elect new town council members. I know who will get my vote: Erin Willis.

Why? Because as she has stated, “Our town deserves choices, debates and a fresh perspective.” Milton is changing and growing. We need someone who has the passion and will to embrace the future and passionately work to create real solutions.

As a mother of two, Erin is thinking longer term – not just about the here and now – for the next generation of Miltonians. As a speech pathologist, Erin works with students with disabilities for the Sussex Consortium at Cape High School. She works with great passion and focus to help many students succeed in life. And her advocacy extends beyond the school walls. During her time as a speech-language pathologist in Delaware, she has collaborated with many people, like our former state Sen. Ernie Lopez and other elected officials at the state level, to help push forward positive change. She has also been involved with efforts to improve the Town of Milton, such as serving on the parks and recreation committee for two years. Erin and her family also participated in the AARP walk audits spearheaded by the traffic calming committee. Her commitment to Milton is clear. In words and actions.

Erin believes in working with diverse people to find creative solutions to tough problems. This is what she does as a speech pathologist daily, and what she vows to do in her role as a town council member. She is not afraid of disagreement to find much-needed common ground in the face of entrenched beliefs.

Our Milton community needs a new voice now more than ever. Vote for Erin Willis.

Amalia Kastberg


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