Your Cosmetic Consultation – Ask the right Questions

- Private group -
December 13, 2013


Is the doctor is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)?

When you choose a doctor who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons you can rest assured that your surgeon is qualified to perform your surgery and has also met other special requirements for cosmetic surgery experience and continuing education.


What experience does the doctor have with the procedure of your choice?

Ask what training has been completed, specifically in new techniques, as well as how often the procedure you are interested in has been performed.



What are the possible risks?

All surgical procedures carry certain risks.  Find out what they are, how often they occur, what can be done to prevent them and how they are handled if they occur.


If the doctor does not openly discuss risks or tells you that there are no risks associated with the procedure you want, seek another option.


What is the expected recovery for the procedure?

Important things to discuss are postoperative restrictions on activity and typical time periods for resuming work and social activities.


Are revisions typical and what is the doctors policy on revisions?

A small percentage of cases may require surgical revisions to achieve the desired result.  Find out about any additional costs for which you may be responsible.


How much will surgery cost?

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance and prices vary from doctor to doctor.  Costs typically include the surgeon’s fee and fees for the surgical facility and anesthesia.  Other possible costs include, preoperative physical, blood work, medications, surgical garments and additional care if needed.  While it may be tempting to bargain shop, do not compromise; the training and experience of your surgeon are the most important factors in the success and satisfaction of your surgery.



Dr. Swier is a highly trained, board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience.  He specializes in plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and peripheral nerve surgery.  Call our office today to set up an appointment for a consultation.  The Swier Clinic has two locations for your convenience:


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