Snowfall could reach 6 inches overnight

January 28, 2014

Snow that begins falling this evening could be 6 inches deep as the Cape Region wakes up tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Jan. 29.


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Accuweather meteorologist Tom Kines said a cold front that brought cold air to the area yesterday ran out of gas and is now hovering off the coast. As moisture carried northward from the gulf hits that cold air, the snow will begin to fall, beginning late today and continuing overnight.

Kines said this snow is unlike typical storms in the Mid-Atlantic, which intensify off the coast bringing high winds. “This time around we should not see those strong winds,” he said.

Temperatures can still dip to 10 degrees or 15 degrees later on tonight, he said. “With wind chill, the temperature will be close to zero or 5 below,” he said. Anyone who goes outside as the temperatures drop should cover their face and hands to avoid frostbite, he said.

As for good news, Kines said, “We have a shot at the 50s on Saturday. There will be a return of some colder air coming back in next week, but if that holds off until Monday, we could reach the 50s on Saturday or Sunday.”

Those warmer temps may also bring rain, he said, but we can expect some sunshine and warm temps sometime over the weekend.