Don't shoot down Lewes noise ordinance

May 10, 2014

Your editorial of May 2 urges abandoning the ordinance against amplified music immediately on the grounds that it creates a double-standard. The evidence? A Christmas parade once a year; a handful of music festivals; and occasional music in a public park.

On the basis of these occasional events, the Cape Gazette would permit amplified music by shops, bars and restaurants. Revealingly, no hours of operation are mentioned, since that would no doubt create another double standard.

Do the citizens and guests of Lewes really desire amplified music seven days a week (remember: no double standard!) throughout the summer months? Just because there are reasonable exceptions to sound ordinances does not mean that Lewes has been engaging in any malicious double-standard.

Lewes’ advertising slogan - “Busy Days, Quiet Nights” - is only a slogan, not legislation. Besides, if the Cape Gazette has its way, the slogan should be revised: “Loud Days, Quiet Nights At Least After ___”.

Hans Oberdiek

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