Final Weekend for Screams at the Beach is Fast Approaching

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(GEORGETOWN) Nearly 1 month into the haunt season (and well over a thousand victims later) it is hard to believe the Final Weekend of Screams at the Beach has already arrived.


“This has definitely been our best year yet, with more victims than ever before,” producer Brian Turner says of the seventh season at Screams. Only 2 nights remain for Year 7, and they hold potential to be the biggest of 2017. Not only does the Final Weekend land nearest Halloween, which always draws large numbers of horror fans; several widely-recognized review crews will also be in attendance to determine how Screams’ attractions, cast & crew rank on a national scale. Are the award-winning members of the Scream Team ready for it? Turner says absolutely. “We are so excited because we will be hosting not one, but three national haunt-rating groups this weekend...and we couldn’t be more ready to get the Screams flowing.”


Through October, the Escape Rooms at Screams have continued to be a hot ticket item as groups of victims wait eagerly for their chance to be locked in, terrified, and challenged to escape. Real locks and keys are used to enhance the realistic experience in 2 separate rooms, which have unique themes inspired by victims’ worst fears. Claustrophobia (fear of close spaces) nyctophobia (fear of the dark) and hemophobia (fear of the sight of blood) are all addressed in Serial K2 and Dissection, two of the most popular expansions in 2017. “The Escape Rooms have definitely been an interesting addition to Screams...and it’s definitely been amusing to watch victims dig through bones and body parts to find clues to escape,” Turner reflected.


For the bravest among Delmarva fright fans, it’s the perfect mix of ‘choose your adventure’ and starring in your own miniature horror film.




The 6 featured walk-through attractions for Year 7 also include the brand-new Prison of the Plague, which has already pushed both returning Screams fans and first-timers to their limits. July’s special character The Plague Doctor appears within this attraction, although his position varies with every new group of victims, and many have pinpointed it as one of the most shocking experiences of their visit to Screams. The Prison is included with all General Admission tickets.




Other attractions included with General Admission Pass: Cemetery of Sorrows, Escape the Crimson Woods, Abomination Acres, House of the Hollow, and Pandemonium Asylum. The Escape Rooms (or Zombie Paintball) are options included with the SE7EN Plus Pass, in addition to all 6 attractions. To access the attractions with a shorter wait, the V.I.V. Fast Pass grants victims access to an express line. All 3 ticket options are available at a discount with the Save $5 Coupon Code (SCREAMS17) which may be entered at online checkout for any Friday or Saturday ticket. The coupon code is valid online only, but tickets may also be purchased on-site at the Screams Ticket Booth starting at 6:30pm each night. GET ADVANCE TICKETS HERE >


For adults 18 and over who are seeking an unforgettable evening of mischief, October 30th holds a sinister surprise. Devil’s Night 2017 will be the first-ever immersive horror experience held at Screams at the Beach, in which victims may be carried off into their very own nightmare: literally. Several interactive experiences will take place on Monday 10/30, as well as a blend of indoor and outdoor attractions, all adding up to the ultimate Halloween ‘scareabration.’ Tickets and further details will be announced on the Facebook event page--click here to RSVP and learn more >

If you haven’t experienced Year 7 as a victim, this weekend is the final chance to survive 2+ hours of horror at Georgetown’s own critically-acclaimed haunted attraction. And for those in search of a seriously scary Halloween event to attend, don’t miss Devil’s Night this coming Monday...where all bets are off, and nobody is safe.


Screams at the Beach is a hands-on haunted attraction located within the Sports at the Beach complex on Route 9 in Georgetown, Delaware. Previous awards include #2 & #3 Scariest Haunt in America, #1 Scariest Haunt in Delaware, and an A+ Rating from Learn more about Screams’ 9 new & returning attractions, FAQ’s, ticket information & more by clicking here >


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Event Dates: 
Fri, 10/27/2017 - 6:30pm
Sat, 10/28/2017 - 6:30pm
Event Location: 
22518 Lewes-Georgetown Highway (within Sports at the Beach complex)
22518 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy
Georgetown  Delaware  19947
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(302) 856-7400