How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio This Summer

August 5, 2022


How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio This Summer

As summer arrives, so do outdoor barbecues and s’mores by the fire. And along with these relaxing nights with friends and family come those pesky mosquitoes. By taking the right steps for bug prevention, you can eliminate the pests from your outdoor space, whether that be an elevated deck or a patio in the yard. There’s also an added bonus: the fewer bugs you have in your outdoor space, fewer are likely to come inside!

Remove Standing Water
If you have any standing water, such as puddles or pots of water around your patio area, eliminate it. Mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water, and any standing water will create a breeding ground for more pests. This includes rain water, so be sure to check any common puddle areas after a storm. 

Light Citronella Candles 
This classic summer scent is a staple for any backyard hangout space. The natural oils in citronella can help keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. If you’re eating dinner or a late night snack outside, be sure to use this candle as a centerpiece. For added protection, place them around the perimeter of your patio space.

Build a Birdhouse
What’s a better defense against bugs than bringing in more of their natural predators? Building or placing a birdhouse close to your patio area can help keep the bugs away, while bringing in more beautiful birds to your yard. In addition to mosquitoes, birds will feed on moths, ants and spiders, ensuring that your outdoor space is pest-free.

Trim Bushes and Brush
It’s well known that long grass and brush are like magnets to all different bugs and pests. Keeping up with landscaping is not just for curb appeal. Trimming bushes and removing excess brush can help keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard and away from your deck or patio. Be sure to dispose of any brush, rather than letting it sit in your yard, as this can hold water and keep bugs around.


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