Look Who’s Shaping Up at the Body Shop!- Lauri Fitzgerald

June 2, 2023

The Body Shop Fitness Center has been serving the Rehoboth Beach community since 1989. Lauri Fitzgerald has been a Body Shop member for a little over 6 months.

Member Name: Lauri Fitzgerald


1). How long have you been living in the area?


LF: “I fell in love with Rehoboth Beach when I was young and visited frequently for the next 50 years.  Then my husband and I purchased a fixer upper house here in 2005 and came weekends until 3 years ago when we came to Dodd’s Addition full time.  I feel completely at home!”


2). What is your favorite thing about living at the beach?


LF:“I love so many things about Rehoboth. The people and the many beautiful things here are inspiring — the lakes, the ocean, trails, and new and old friends.”


3). What is your favorite thing about your business/profession?


LF: “My favorite thing about being an interior designer is working on old and historic homes and bringing them to life.  I also really love working with my daughter and husband.”


4) Why did you incorporate fitness into your life and become a Body Shop member?


LF:” I have always worked on trying to stay fit but the last 6 months has been terrific.  They have wonderful staff people and owners and I am always encouraged to be my best.”


5).  Favorite health tip to share:


LF: “I find that I need to stick to my routine and do something every day even when it is difficult to do so. I love the new equipment — it is a complete workout and it works great for me.”


6). Quote:


LF: “Adam, the staff and the Body Shop Gym is everything I was looking for in a gym.  Not too big, yet full of the latest gym equipment.  Friendly people to work out with and everyone is mindful to keep the gym organized and super clean.  Adam could not be nicer and has so many clients because he knows how to inspire people.”


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