Taking sides—-Being Authentic

February 17, 2020

Story Location:
98 Rudder Road
Suite 1-A
Millsboro  Delaware  19966
United States

This week at Unity Spiritual Center, the topic for discussion will be “Taking sides—-Being Authentic”. Are you the kind of person who sits on the fence and does not take a side, one way or the other?  This type of indecision could be detrimental to your well being. As Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and writer states: “We must take sides; neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.”

Choosing where one stands is part of their integrity, their authenticity. And Justin Tanis, from the Pacific School of Religion tells us, “God seeks our authenticity.” 

SO, we will look at our authenticity as it relates to our relationship with the God of our understanding.

Please join us on Sunday at 10 AM at the Unity Spiritual Center at 98 Rudder Road, Millsboro, DE 19966. That is easily located off Long Neck Road in front of the Sea Esta Motel. 

Unity is an open and accepting congregation following the teachings of Jesus and other Masters. Everyone is welcome.

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