ACE peers available to volunteer for nonprofits

June 10, 2018

Five volunteers from the A.C.E. Peer Resource Center worked with the members of Georgetown Presbyterian Church June 3 for an afternoon of cleaning and detailing the church building. The peers did sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, hauling trash and other odd jobs as a way of giving back to the congregation. A church committee provided lunch for all who participated, and through conversation and sharing, personal relationships began to form.

Georgetown Presbyterian Church has been an emergency overnight shelter for homeless individuals in Georgetown; it has provided food, shelter and comfort for the past few years for people in need. Many A.C.E. Center members have benefited from that hospitality and wanted to show their gratitude and appreciation.

The A.C.E. Peer Resource Center in Georgetown is a drop-in place for those who are struggling and want to work on their own life goals as well as help other peers on their journey to wellness.

A major component of recovery is the act of volunteering one's time and energy to help others in the community. The A.C.E. Center participants have enjoyed working with the church members as a group and some individually on their own.

The A.C.E. Center members are available for future volunteer opportunities with community nonprofit groups. To discuss the possibility of a partnership, contact site supervisor Linda Williams at 302-858-4963 or email